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Work Like a Wisler Award

2019 Wisler Award Photo

One of the most coveted awards at Madison is the 

Classroom teachers nominate students who have exhibited WORK LIKE A WISLER traits in the classroom during the school year.

Mrs. Annette Wisler, teacher aide,  is loved by all and brings a positive, I CAN DO IT attitude with her to school every day.

W – Work Hard, Warm, Welcoming

I  – Integrity, Intelligence, Involved, Independence, Invincible, Interesting, Improvement

S – Sports, Sincerity, smiling, selflessness, service, support, sweet, spectacular

L – Love, Like, Laugh, Loyal, Life of the Party, Logic

E – Energetic, empathy, educated, endurance, excellence, empowered, excited, enthusiastic

R – Respect, ready, responsibility, resilient, resourcefulness