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Wisler Award 2020

Like everything else the presentation of the Wisler Award was done differently - in a ZOOM meeting. Students were told in the meeting they were this year's winners and how they are personally like Mrs. Wisler.

What is a Wisler Award – teachers select students who show the same character in their life and work as Mrs. Annette Wisler.

W – Work Hard, Warm, Welcoming

 I  – Integrity, Intelligence, Involved, Independence, Invincible, Interesting, Improvement

S – Sports, Sincerity, smiling, selflessness, service, support, sweet, spectacular

L – Love, Like, Laugh, Loyal, Life of the Party, Logic

E – Energetic, empathy, educated, endurance, excellence, empowered, excited, enthusiastic

R – Respect, ready, responsibility, resilient, resourcefulness, reliable

Congratulations to these Madison Panthers, it is great to see these traits in your lives.