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School Items Return & Personal Items Pickup (June 1 – 3)

Pickup of personal belongings and Drop-off of school items between 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on these days:

  • Monday, June 1: grades K-1 
  • Tuesday, June 2: grades 2-3 
  • Wednesday, June 3: grades 4-5 


However, if you have students in different grade levels (and on different days) or would be collecting items for another family, please communicate with your child's teacher, Mrs. Truex, and Principal Kevin McMillen. Teachers will not be a part of the distribution process.  


Teachers will bag up each student's personal belongings and have them ready for pick-up at the front drive, which will allow school personnel to use the overhang, in case of wet weather. If your child has items in other places outside of his/her cubbie, the coatroom, or a shoe cart, please let his/her teacher know, so we may grab those items, too. 


Each car will pull through the front drive on the opposite end (coming in through the exit, on the east end), so parents may grab-n-go on the driver side, without getting out of their vehicles.  


Neither parents nor students will be allowed to enter the building during Pickup/Drop-off as we are deep cleaning areas of the building and must keep them sanitized.