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Madison Perfect Attendance Bike Winners 2020

Perfect Attendance –

Students in attendance at school every day from August 21 to March 11 were part of the Madison Township Alumni Association Bicycle Drawing for 2020. This year eight boys and eight girls were eligible. After the names were scrambled and placed in numbered envelopes Mr. Chuck Lehman, Vice President of the Madison Alumni and President of Lehman & Lehman, Inc., asked Amazon’s Alexis to shout out two lucky numbers. With the help of today’s technology, the 2020 winners were selected. A girl in grade 2 and a boy in grade 3.



The students and staff of Madison School is grateful to the Madison Township Alumni for purchasing bicycles each year for the perfect attendance drawing. It is an incentive that motivates students to be here each day in hopes that they would be a part of the final draw. Thank you former Panthers, your support is appreciated.