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A Look at P-H-M First Days of School for 2018-19 School Year

The first day back for the school of the 2018-19 school year for Penn-Harris-Madison schools was Wednesday, August 22. Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker and Penn Principal Sean Galiher were up early to do live interviews on local South Bend TV stations.


Dr. Thacker then began his annual 15 schools in 3 days tour. Longtime Board Member Larry Beehler accompanied Dr. Thacker on the first two days. Take a look at their visits …



Wisler Award 2018

One of the most coveted awards at Madison is the WORK LIKE A WISLER AWARD.

Classroom teachers nominate students who have exhibited WORK LIKE A WISLER traits in the classroom and during the school day.

Mrs. Wisler is loved by all and brings a positive, I CAN DO IT attitude with her to school every day.

W – Work Hard, Warm, Welcoming

I  – Integrity, Intelligence, Involved, Independence, Invincible, Interesting, Improvement

S – Sports, Sincerity, smiling, selflessness, service, support, sweet, spectacular

Continental Mathematics League Competitors

Continental Mathematics League is a competition that gives students opportunity to improve problem solving capabilities. Madison students in grades 3, 4, and 5 joined students all over the U.S.  answer questions that requires critical thinking.


Grade 3:

Finn O’Donnell

Emma Laidig

Sienna Smith

Nick Madlem

Braden White

First Place with medal: Allison Sommers


Grade 4:

AJ Watkins

Brody Minne

Joey O’Donnell

Jacob Rhodes

First Place with medal:  Christopher Sailes-Laidig


Madison WordMasters

WordMasters Challenge is a vocabulary competition based on completing analogy tests.  Students must not only learn new word definitions, but then use verbal reasoning skills to complete the test.


Grade 3:

Wyatt Berger

Allison Sommers

Sienna Smith

Cameron Kiszka

First Place with medal:  Branden White


Grade 4:

Chris Sailes-Laidig

Brody Minne

Jacob Rhodes

Gabriel Laidig

First Place with medal:  Owen Hamel


Grade 5:

Roman Hozey

Gabriella Meert

Madison Fifth Grade Recognition 2018

Twenty-seven Madison Fifth Grade Students took the floor after the Spring Musical for their recognition night. Mrs. Dance and Mr. McMillen took the opportunity to recognize their hard work. Thirteen students, Keegan Fall, Delia Heet, Sara Heidinger, Roman Hozey, Brooklyn James, Kayla Kiszka, Silas Laidig, Mia Lechlitner, Tanner Mammolenti, Gabby Meert, Mitchell Schindler, Locke Simpson and Clara Yoder, earned the Presidential Academic Excellence Award. Trevor Tener, Owen Bickel, Maria Mammolenti, and Joline Allen each earned a Presidential Academic Achievement Award.

Madison Spring Musical 2018

Miss Julie Kudzal conducted the 4th and 5th grade students twice in one day as they presented Pirates the Musical to grandparents in an afternoon performance and then to families again in the evening on May 30. The musical featured songs such as, Pirates All Are We, Stowaway, King of the High “Cs”, You Wanna Be a Pirate and Singin’ a Pirate Song. Each song presented students with a new musical challenge as they embraced the state music standards in an engaging way. There were some outstanding solo parts but each student contribution made the program exceptional.