The Escape Room

Posted on January 25, 2018

Recently fifth grade teacher, Kathy Dance, brought to the classroom a new experience for her students. It was a project that involved kinetic learning; spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and team work, making this experience a great teaching tool. The activity engaged each student and helped them work together. Students used clues, hints and strategy to find the key to The Escape Room activity.  We have included some photos and a short writing by student Locke Simpson about the experience.

An Escape Room by Locke Simpson, 5th grade student, Madison Elementary School

Who! What! When! Where! Why!

  • A group of kids working together.
  • Trying to escape.

When going through an escape room these are the things you are thinking. You have to work together to get out. But there is always some kind of plot to follow to escape.

It is exhilarating. Also it is a friendly competition with other students.

An escape room is a room that you have to get out of. But in order to do that you have to figure out clues. Next, you find the next clue and work together to solve it. Finally you find a key and get out.

That was my experience in our escape room.

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