Principal Kisses Pig

Posted on November 28, 2017

Madison Student Hoe Down Allison Laidig and her team of parent volunteers worked hard to make this year’s Scholastic Book Fair a sweet success, earning students an afternoon Country Hoe Down and a chance to learn how to line dance. Enthusiasm was high as the Book Fair was open during PTS conference time and during lunch with your partner. Students voted for Mr. McMillen to experience one of the following; bring a pony to recess, ride a stick horse through the school, sing Home on the Range on the PA, or kiss a pig. Students cast their votes and results were tallied. Mr. Millen was given every principal’s dream of a lifetime, the opportunity to kiss a pig! To the delight of the students he even kissed the pig more than once and parents’ left saying their principal was never as cool as Mr. Mc Millen. This activity was just another occasion to promote reading and for students to know books are important, lead to fun, and like our principal, very cool.

Last Modified May 16, 2019