Fire Safety

Posted on October 26, 2017

Monthly fire drills are a part of the routine at schools; we want to help students and staff to know how to exit a building safely in the event of a fire. But who tells students what to do at home if a fire breaks out? A team of volunteers from the Madison Township Fire Department recently brought fire prevention lessons to students at Madison.

It was a full day of learning for students as each grade spent time listening to the fireman and participating in activities and games enabling them to know the proper way to act or react in a fire. Activities included, learning about fire extinguishers, how to Stop, Drop, and Roll, playground safety, first aid, why do fireman use backboards, how to crawl out of a burning building, what a fireman looks like in full gear, and how to practice home fire drills. Students were given the assignment of meet with parent and create a home escape plan. Students submitting their evacuation plan were eligible for a MTFD “bag of goodies”.  All students received a MTFD drawstring bag and a water bottle.

Our students wish to thank the following members of the Madison Township Fire Department for a great day of learning fire safety: Pati Youngman, Christine Wesner, Cody Simmons, Scott Maurer, Meg Bronke, Robert Alwine, Rose Adams, Christopher Dresbach and Jason Fischer. 

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