Parent * Student * Teacher Conferences

Posted on October 12, 2017

Parent Teacher Student Conferences will be conducted on Tuesday, October 24 from 2:30—7:00 pm and on Wednesday, October 25 from 2:30 to 5:00 PM. Teachers will be sending you an invitation on October 11 stating the day and time of your conference.  Please return a confirmation on or before October 16.  Teachers do their best to accommodate families by scheduling conferences together. We look forward to meeting with you

Conference time is communication time. It can be hard as a parent to know what to expect at a conference. First of all remember that you and your child’s teacher have the same goal—helping your child grow academically and socially. Your child’s teacher will share student progress and enlist your help. During this time you and the teacher will explore together areas they excel at and in what areas they need assistance. Together you may make an action plan to help your child. The chart below gives a checklist of things that may help you explore what is best for your child or may identify areas that could become part of the action plan. Be sure to end the conference by scheduling a way to follow up and measure progress.

Parent are key players in the PHM Triangle of Success!

Last Modified May 16, 2019